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at my own pace in this glorious struggle.


Its like a moment of growth for the both of us.
Taken what we’ve learned, bringin’ it on the road with us.
To a place where concern moves almost as slow as us.
Because we value every second,
But understand freely that we don’t even know enough.
That’s why i dont say that we’re perfect,
We’ve always just been close enough.
To see the difference in distance and what values mean the most to us.

The most to us.

(via broljay)

Just when fate couldn’t make this more divine.

    Decisions of lost souls, deciding now what they would find.

        Like old lovers, we always wondered, when it’d be our time.

            You see, you always showed me heights, right above cloudnine.

                 Now knowing what was meant to be, eternally mine.

Sleep Apnea

She’s a dream,
That I tend to repeat.
Sleep talk these weeks off.
Spend forever under sheets.
Not over her or under me,
But in between, so comforting.
Of each other’s past and future.
Complete each other’s company.
Experiencing the moments,
when we felt like everything
was exactly where we wanted.
She know exactly what I mean.
Proving my worth over the years.
Consistency is what she needs.
Acquired love throughout those nights.
Plus, eye bags from lack of sleep.
Her morning voice is a tone that’s only meant for me.
And her evening groans let me know, when it’s time to sleep.
Evidence of her love in the way she yawns, so sweet.
Or how we connect in more ways than just a similar heart beat.
Let the sun be our alarm,
a calm awakening .
To another day
Where she can stay
Just to rest with me.
It’s real.
I feel it in every dream
or when she breathes,
That were one breathe closer
to a slumber in harmony.
Educatin’ me
on proper cuddling strategy.
She gets grumpy,
but she could never truly get mad at me.
Cause we always spoke to one another in a tired mentality.
That, when we actually sleep together,

Is when we wake up to our


jungo said: Hello po Ka Ronnie! Kumusta po yung mga aral ninyo?

Ok naman, bruvva! Sa aking mga aral would be loads easier if I understood tagalog. I still have hopes of being close to your Kuya Richie’s status tho.

What’s good? Tell me brother, what’s it like on the other side? haha. 

What more can you ask for when God blesses you with inspiration/motivation is this life. These people, these rendezvous, these plans, help me to remember the miracles that are more than spiritual. Blessings beyond measure. Separate paths for now, but God willing, the same haven, eternally.

Salamat po, Ka Rose & Guillermos. You guys really are bout that life.

@ Mutespeaks

One day, I woke up to a text of yours. All I can remember from that morning is, at that moment, I thought to myself “we were born to meet one another.” Honestly, it’s more than destiny that youre more than just a friend to me.

Even though moments with you were so short, I’d take any and every chance God allows me to have with you. For almost seven years, you gave me nothing but everything you could possibly give. Talks about harry potter,hot chocolate, disney references an such, you were always exceeding my “no expectations” mentality. Those nights spent, with us finding ourselves in each other. And we barely said anything. We didn’t have to. So effortless. Those are what you call, perfect conversations.

And the way you cherish church. Like, you legit cherish everything about church. You work so hard. And that’s why youre one of the reasons to why I have backbone to my decisions in this life. Even until now. Your positive outlooks and inspirational silent speeches. How is it our views never differ? We matched our awkward qualities with our values in God. And after that, it was a wrap. And just know this, you deserve every blessing coming to you. Don’t ever allow any situations to let you think otherwise. Believe that. And i’ll be there, to greet you properly with the highest of high fives.

And just so were on the same page, this is exactly what you find at the end of fate. It’s never too disney to think we can still pull through.

Happy birthday, you. May we never waste another breath not letting eachother know how we truly feel.

Anonymous said: comment: I don't mean to creep, I just like to read and happened to tumble onto your tumblr hehe I adore your taste in music; a common interest. It's good to see for those artists because they are incredibly underrated. you seem well on your way, with a good head on your shoulders. mad respect, po. God bless.

preciate it, po.

Anonymous said: how YOU DOING?!

I’m coo.

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